Occurrences in the Congressional Record

Harry Reid, D-NV
“Mr. President, through the Chair to the distinguished President pro tempore of the Senate, for me in Nevada it is very important in the State of Nevada because the State of Nevada is 10 or 15 years behind the State of California as far as demographic changes. We have the largest number of Hispanics and Asians in the State of Nevada now. But my friend, the senior Senator from Vermont, basically has very few minorities in the State of Vermont. He did this—led this bill—because it is the right thing to do.”
Harry Reid, D-NV
“The chairman of the Judiciary Committee, the presiding President pro tempore, spent days and weeks coming up with a very difficult piece of legislation, comprehensive immigration reform. Amendments by the scores were heard and debated. Republican amendments were adopted, Democratic amendments were adopted, and that matter was brought to the Senate floor where there was a good, genuine, long debate. On the floor, amendments were offered, debated, and voted upon. We created a very good bill based upon the work of the Judiciary Committee. It was bipartisan, and it was one that had an overwhelming vote on the Senate floor.”
Paying Tribute To The Honorable Sue Landske
Peter Visclosky, D-IN
“Mr. Speaker, it is with tremendous gratitude and the highest respect that I take this time to honor a dear friend and one of Indiana’s finest citizens, the Honorable Sue Landske, Indiana State Senator. During her many years of public service and because of her countless efforts toward improving the lives of her fellow Hoosiers, Sue has left an indelible mark as an outstanding public servant, and for this, she is to be commended. Senator Landske will be retiring at the end of this year. Sue Landske pursued her education at Saint Joseph’s College and Indiana University, followed by graduate studies at the University of Chicago. In the years to follow, Sue, through hard work and a spirit for public service, was elected Center Township Assessor in 1978. She was also elected Lake County Republican Vice Chair the same year and maintained that position until 1989, then again from 2001 to 2007. Senator Landske was first elected to the Indiana Legislature in 1984 and has selflessly represented the people of Indiana Senate District 6 for the last thirty years. Throughout her tenure as State Senator, Sue has consistently fought for the rights of the residents of her district and throughout Indiana. In particular, Senator Landske’s legislative achievements include authoring Indiana’s lemon law, which guards Hoosiers against the sale of defective vehicles, creating living will legislation, which gives Indiana residents better control over their future medical decisions, and spearheading the passage of a bill requiring all Indiana nursing homes to have fire sprinklers throughout their facilities and smoke detectors in every patient’s room. Senator Landske’s record speaks for itself. She has passionately devoted herself to improving the lives of Hoosiers and to protecting the interests and well-being of Indiana’s most vulnerable citizens. Highlighting her leadership in Northwest Indiana and the Indiana General Assembly, Sue has distinguished herself by serving as the Assistant Pro Tempore in the Indiana State Senate. She has also served on numerous legislative committees including the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee, as a ranking member of the Civil Law Committee, and as chair of the Elections Committee. Along with her career as a State Senator, Sue is also a retired colonel in the Indiana National Guard and president and owner of All Golfcar, Incorporated. Senator Landske’s exemplary service has been rightfully recognized numerous times during her legislative career. In both 1980 and 1983, she was honored with the prestigious Sagamore of the Wabash for her service to the people of Indiana. Following this honor, Sue was awarded the title of Outstanding Republican Senator, as well as the accolade of Business and Professional Woman of the Year. Sue was also recognized as Lake County Republican of the Year in 1988, the Jaycees’ Citizen of the Year in 1991, and was named Small Business Champion in 2000 by the National Federation of Independent Business. Senator Landske’s remarkable career is exceeded only by her devotion to her amazing family. Sue and her loving husband of fifty-seven years, Bill, have five children and seven grandchildren. I have been truly fortunate to call Sue Landske my friend. Throughout the years, she has been an outstanding advocate for the community of Northwest Indiana, as well as for all Hoosiers. She epitomizes what it means to be a public servant, and for her selfless, lifelong commitment to the people of Indiana, she is worthy of the highest praise. Mr. Speaker, I respectfully ask that you and my other distinguished colleagues join me in honoring Indiana State Senator Sue Landske for her lifetime of leadership and exceptional service to the people of Northwest Indiana and throughout the state. Senator Landske’s impact will be evident for generations to come, and she serves as an inspiration to us all.”
Appointments Authority
Mark Pryor, D-AR
“Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that notwithstanding the upcoming recess or adjournment of the Senate, the President of the Senate, the President pro tempore, and the majority and minority leaders be authorized to make appointments to commissions, committees, boards, conferences, or interparliamentary conferences authorized by law, by concurrent action of the two Houses or by order of the Senate.”
Justice For All Reauthorization Act Of 2013
Roger Wicker, R-MS
“I thank the distinguished President pro tempore.”