Each person’s spiritual journey is different from every other person’s journey. Every individual not only decides upon the path they choose but also decides how long it should take them to travel it. As such, each person ultimately receives their spirituality from different sources. Some people choose the path set forth by their parents, and others choose a path after reading a particular book. To help our readers decide which spiritual path may be right for them, we’ve selected the best spiritual books to review. Now everyone can begin their spiritual journey on their terms and in their own time.

Quick Summary of the Best Spiritual Books

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Best Spiritual Meditations: Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestations

Anyone who’s on a spiritual journey to rise above their fears, to embrace love and to remember their power might want to pick up a copy of this book. It’s a book that’s designed for people who struggle with health, wealth, and/or happiness, which just about sums up all of humanity. It’s a book that’s filled with 100 mini-meditations that allow the reader to rise above their feels, to feel more inspired, to feel luckier and to gain a degree of confidence in their life. Although it’s a book that’s written with a few personal anecdotes by the author, it’s also one that’s filled with practical guidance and bits of wisdom.

This book is written by Sara Prout, and author who has written books such as Adventures In Manifestation (Health & Happiness or Success & Spirituality), Ruckenwind Vom Universum, The Power of Influence, and Heart to Heart: The Path To Wellness. She’s an author known for her practical but spiritual writings and this book isn’t the exception. It’s for anyone who is looking for an answer from the universe and who want to begin to make soulful changes to their life. And for that purpose, it does its job very well. It’s a book that just about anyone can get good use out of.

What we liked about it
  • The meditations are sorted according to emotion.

Best Poetic Prose: The Book Of Awakening

Reviewing spiritual books isn’t always an easy thing to do. What one person might consider being deeply personal and spiritual musings might be for another person anything but. That’s why we’re cautiously recommending this book to our readers. For the people it connects with, it’s a book that’s apt to improve their lives in just about every way possible. Unfortunately, it’s hard to determine who might connect with it and who might read it once and then toss it into a nightstand drawer. Thus is the plight of anyone who reads spiritual books, so we do our best to talk about what this book is and what it provides to the user.

Probably the best way to describe this book is a guidebook for the soul. It draws from the great traditions of wisdom and is essentially a book about life, and ultimately death. It contains a year of wisdom that doesn’t always pertain to a person’s circumstances or life, but when it does it’s quite powerful. It’s also written in a poetic prose style that’s very easy to read, and almost drips off of the tongue. Ultimately, it’s a book that’s designed to open the eyes and the heart of the reader, and one that will enrich the reader’s lives in subtle, but substantial ways.

What we liked about it
  • This book is very inspiring & thought-provoking.

Best Unorthodox Book: The Witch’s Book of Self-Care

Since this book is from Wiccan author Arin Murphy-Hiscock and has the word witch in its title, some people may mistakenly think that this self-care guide is only for those who are Wiccan or who practice pagan religions. However, that’s simply not accurate. This book is suitable for just about anyone who is looking for ways to nourish both their body and their spirit. It doesn’t matter if the person is an atheist, an Atheistic Wiccan, a Wiccan or practices any of the other major religions of the world. It’s written in a way that allows it to be used by just about anyone.

Yes, it does focus on a bit of a magical way to care for oneself, but certainly, the reader can use this either literally or symbolically according to their personal beliefs. If there’s one complaint we do have about this book, is that it doesn’t start with the basics. What we mean by that is that if we wished it had a section on meditation or thoughtfulness. If it did, then the rituals and meditations in this book would be more accessible and easier to use. Unfortunately, that section isn’t included in this book, so the reader is left learning the basics of meditation from elsewhere.

What we liked about it
  • It is a spiritual book for all faiths and/or religions.

Best General Spirituality Book: The Spiritual Awakening Process

This is a spiritual book that’s written for modern humans. It acknowledges that humanity has made tremendous strides over the last few thousand years, yet more and more people feel disconnected from the spiritual side of their being. Many people feel that their lives are devoid of meaning and purpose. It’s a book that acknowledges also that what a lot of people need is an opportunity to reconnect with their soul. Fortunately, for them, this book is capable of setting the reader on this journey of spiritual discovery so they can reconnect with their spiritual side once again.

In this book, the reader will learn the stages and symptoms of a spiritual awakening, the inner worlds of the person’s spiritual journey signs that a person may be an experiencing a loss of the soul, how to communicate with the soul and the spiritual traps that everyone should be aware of as they start their spiritual journey. Although at times this book doesn’t feel complete and it tends to leave the reader wanting for just a little bit more, we still found it to be a great book for those who are looking for a spiritual transformation.

What we liked about it
  • This book is extremely well written.

Best Self-Help: The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

This self-help book is designed to help the reader get out of their way and to help them get more out of their spiritual life. It starts off exploring the essence of self and asks simple questions of the reader such as what if they could free themselves from their self-imposed limitations and what can they do to discover inner peace. And it does this without the book relying on other bits of advice that the reader may have obtained during their life. In other words, it starts with the assumption that the reader is a blank slate and then it moves on from there to explore the human soul.

As we’re reading this book, we do have to agree with Deepak Chopra’s assessment of this book that it was a glimpse into eternity. We also found it to be one of the most practical self-help book available, giving the reader concrete guidelines on which to hang their proverbial hat. Sure, at times it does appear to repeat itself, but overall, it’s a good read that’s isn’t too weighted in symbolism or over adorned prose. We think it’s this quality that makes it exceptionally accessible to the average person and also makes it a great book for anyone to have in their collection.

What we liked about it
  • It’s a book that helps the reader to help themselves.

Best Spiritual Book For Women: Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit

As the title of this book so succinctly states, it isn’t about just spiritual healing for women, but it’s also about healing the body and mind. It’s a book by Queen Afua, a woman who practices an Afrocentric spirituality. However, the reader shouldn’t feel like that puts this book out of their purview. This is a book that can be enjoyed by women of all races and faiths, and one that will impart wisdom to the reader that will help them lead a better life. Although the material did feel a bit dense and concentrated, after a little while with this book it becomes easier to read and easier to soak in its wisdom.

This book starts the reader off by helping them unleash their “Womb Wisdom,” which is just an awareness that the womb is not only the center of life but is also the center of creativity and consciousness. She starts with a twenty-one-day program that emphasizes spiritual rejuvenation and womb purification. Then she brings into the picture the rituals, affirmations, and meditations that women can embrace to bring their physical, mental, and spiritual selves into full fruition. Queen Afua teaches about how food impacts the person eating it, and how to transmit healing not only to yourself but to others as well.

What we liked about it
  • It is a book suitable for all different types of women.

Best Book For Spiritual Healing: Awakened Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing

This book is written by Aletheia Luna, an author who has written several spiritual books including The Spiritual Awakening Process, Twin Flames & Soul Mates, Old Souls, Solitude, and Quiet Strength. This book is not only an exploration of being an empath by the author herself but is also a basic introduction to spiritual healing for anyone who believes themselves to be an empath as well. The author started her spiritual journey when she escaped the religious cult she was raised in, and this book is the culmination of her search for a greater truth than what lies within.

In this book, the reader will find out their empathetic gift, empaths, and society, the psychological understanding of being an empath, the dark side of being an empath, empaths and energy vampires, healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms, and flowing with the spirit. Although this book doesn’t present many advanced spiritual tenets that haven’t been covered by other books on spirituality, it does offer a good primer on the subject.

What we liked about it
  • It’s a good introduction to spiritual healing.

Best Life Guidance: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

The author of this book is Deepak Chopra, an author and spiritual leader who’s well known for his appearances on daytime television. He’s also known for the books he’s written including The Seven Spiritual Ways of Yoga, The Seven Spiritual Laws For Parents, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, Quantum Healing, Super Brain, What Are You Hungry For?, On My Way, and Timeless Body Timeless Mind. And this book is very similar to some of these other books in that it presents spiritual information to the reader in an easy-to-read format that’s simple yet effective.

In this book, he outlines how spiritual life can be used to manifest success in a person’s life. It postulates that once the reader knows and understands the natural laws of success and well-being, then success and health will flow into the reader’s life. It shatters the myth that successful people are the ones who work the hardest or who have the most ambition, and it helps the reader bring their own life into harmony. It’s a book that has some good wisdom in it and is an easy read, but it might not be as advanced as some people wish it would be.

What we liked about it
  • It’s an easy-to-read book.

Best Spiritual Truths: The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

This book is designed for people who are looking to get away from the believes that limit their potential, create needless suffering and robs them on joy. This book is based upon ancient Toltec wisdom that helps the reader to transform their lives in a more positive way that can bring them love, happiness, and ultimately more freedom. Although this book does make a couple of claims that seem a little bit too much on the fringe of what’s possible, most of the information is common-sense and helpful. It’s also presented in a manner that’s easy to read and digest.

The one problem that we had with this book was that it was a bit short. It presented some pretty lofty topics but it wasn’t fully capable of explaining them adequately. However, we feel that’s only a slight flaw and that most people will find this book to be well written and to contain some spiritual truths. Overall, it might not be the best spiritual book that a person can have on their bookshelf, it’s still one that some people may want to read. Overall, we thought that it did a good job presenting the information it was trying to present, although as we said, it is a bit short.

What we liked about it
  • It’s easy to read and contains some spiritual truths.